Guest Comments

Special thanks to the guests who offered comments !

-You are the best! We got immersed in Tokyo and loved every minute of it— thanks to you. (Tourist from U.S. )

-We would like to thank you again for the wonderful time you provided us. (Tourist from Brazil)

-Thank you for everything, I had a wonderful time meeting you and seeing your great city. (Tourist from U.S. )

-Just wanted to say once again what a wonderful time we had exploring Tokyo with you! We hope to travel back there some day so we can see even more of your beautiful country. (Tourist from U.S.)

-We spent a lovely day with you. (Pity about the rain.) You are very kind and a lot of fun! I do hope we meet again. (Tourist from England)

-This would be our first visit to Japan; in fact this would be our first visit to Asia. Our party consisted of my wife, my two daughters aged 16 and 14, and of course me. We have often travelled to the USA where, obviously, the language is not an issue. Japan, on the other hand, was going to be a different story. With only 2 weeks I wanted to make the most of it so we decided to investigate using the services of a tour guide. We were visiting Japan over the Christmas and New Year period. New Year in Japan was going to be something special as it is their biggest holiday session of the year. The trip was going to be in three parts. The first part was going to be spent in Kyoto for the lead up to Christmas, the second was in Tokyo’s Disney for over the Christmas period and the final part was in Tokyo itself. Using some of the Japanese tourist internet search engines we came across Akko. She offered her services for Tokyo and recommended a colleague for Kyoto. In Kyoto we stayed in a Ryokan which is a traditional Japanese guest house. I would recommend using the services Japanese Guest Houses ( which is free and very useful to make the right choice. For English speaking visitors their services are invaluable. Try to get a Ryokan with an Onsen (hot spring bath), shed your modesty and use its services. Both tour guides made detailed notes of what were our likes and dislikes, what particular interests we had and any places we would like to visit. This was then tailored into a day by day schedule to match our timetable. The Kyoto tourguide would meet us at the train station each day and present us with a schedule for the day’s events. Then using a combination of taxis and public transport she took us to a wide variety of places. Seeing Kyoto from this point of view was very different from the usual tourist routes. The simple event of catching a bus and getting in amongst the local population was a great experience. This would not have been an option without the services of a tour guide because we probably would have got very lost. Akko performed a very similar service in Tokyo meeting us each day in the hotel’s lobby. Because Tokyo is such a large place trying to see the whole thing would be impossible in such a short time. This is where a tour guide with local Knowledge is invaluable. We stayed in one of Tokyo’s tourist hot spots – Asakusa. I would recommend the Blue Wave hotel. Asakusa is a great location to base yourself with countless restaurants of all prices and good transport links to the rest of Tokyo. Both the tour guides we used were very typical Japanese in that they were professional, polite and offered a very friendly service. I found using a tour guide took a lot of the stress out of visiting a foreign country. Having someone lead the way on the Metro, buses, taxis, etc made the holiday far easier for the whole family.  (Tourist from England)

-We had a relaxing dinner on the hotel terrace, talking about our great day with you.  Of course, I knew it would be a good day, since I had the experience of the previous day with you. Now we are getting back to work while packing for our flight home.  We have enjoyed Japan but will be happy to get back to our families. (Tourist from North Carolina)

-Akko, Thank you very much.  You did a great job yesterday. (Tourist from North Carolina)

-Dear Akko  Thankyou again for your great service.  It was such a delight having someone like yourself showing me around and a nice touch to see and hear the way Japanese live. Thank you again, I wish both you and daughter all the best for the future. (Tourist from Australia)

-We found Akko’s style to be both professional and charming. We were impressed at her English vocabulary that encompassed words used in the fashion world. Nothing was too much trouble and we will use Akko’s service again when we are next in Japan. (Sarah Locke, a fashion designer from England)

-It was a pleasure to meet you and I had a wonderful time during the FAM TRIP and I found it very useful. Thank you for the picture. I hope to see you in the next future or next year for a FAM TRIP to Kyushu. If you came to Italy don’t forget to contact me!!!  (Tourist from Italy)

-Hi Akko, how lovely to hear from you and my sincere thanks to you for all your wonderful help in Yokohama. Again thank you so very much for your help and we will always stay in touch and be good friends. We have a special bond together. I will talk to you again very soon. (Tourist from Australia)

-I really miss you. You are just a sweetheart. You know you made my trip so beautiful. Besides guiding the trip so well you were just a very warm and a positive person that made the trip much more fabulous. I am also going to write to the JNTO people here in USA that you were great. Thanks once again for everything and also keep in touch. (Tourist from U.S.)

-Marnie and I want to thank you again for the wonderful guiding during our visit to Fukuoka – we just returned home last night after visiting Stockholm and Paris as well – our trip was a great success – we appreciate all your help and hope to see you again on a future trip to Japan. (Tourist from U.S.)

-Just a short note to let you know how WONDERFUL the guide and driver we had in Nagasaki was.
Our English speaking guide was Atsuko Takamiya (Akko). She was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and responsive to our specific requests which were not on the program (limited shopping, stop at a bank, etc…). The Shippoku lunch was a true experience and we would recommend it for any VIPs that you have visit Nagasaki. The remainder of the planned program was excellent, perfectly fitting the time allowed, and we were back at the ship 15 minutes early.
I would strongly recommend your using Atsuko again for your VIP tours. She lives about 2 hours by train away from Nagasaki… but is definitely worth the extra cost to bring her to Nagasaki.’ (Tourist from U.S.)

Last Update: August 24, 2014