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*Travel Photo Collections, Nov.2011

Nagasaki, the west end of Japan... Photo Diary 2011


Akko Takamiya / 高宮 暖子
Tour Guide-Interpreter / Interpreter
Graduated from Sophia University, worked as a system designer of school computer networks at Fuji Electric group company for five years. Passing the national exam of interpreter tour guide (Certification No: EN00138), started tourism business then extended it into international business management service to assist tourists and corporate visitors from overseas. (Please also refer to Japan Tourism Agency’s official site about Tour Guide-Interpreter)
Read Haruki Murakami, play the piano, and love traveling.
Website: http://deartravelers.com

*Service Menu and Contact
Interpreter, Guide-Interpreter, Business Management with English-Japanese communication assistance in Tokyo+outside Tokyo + overseas, Translation of Website, Business Documents, Brochure, etc (English to Japanese/ Japanese to English), Web Design, Web Marketing  collaborating with JapanHopper . Please feel free to contact info@deartravelers.com


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